Welcome to kennel Tres Anjos!

Our dogs grow up in a familial environment in the countryside with woods and fields just around the corner. We are training and doing watertrails, tracking, trains rally obedience and going to shows but most of all, our dogs is family members.

Therese has gone to agricultural college focused on horse but has since then qualified as a nurse and now works on a hospitale.

She is a member of the water committee in the breed club.

Henrik works as a carpenter, sitting in water committee in the breed club and is a judge in water for our breed's watertrails.

We have traveled to Portugal many times and made watertrails with our dogs with good results and is now trying to bring the watertrail to Sweden.

Therese has had dogs around her all her life and decided together with Henrik to get their first dog together in 2007 which became the beloved and infallible race PWD! Since then they have been involved in the breed and decided to get a kennel name in 2010, Therese has gone breeder education for Swedish Kennel Club 2011, and in 2014 the first litter is born at kennel TresAnjos....


Contact: tres-anjos@hotmail.com